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Important information on entry and quarantine regulations in Germany

20.09.2021 - Articol


Processing of visa applications

Beginning from September 19, 2021 visas can currently only be issued if the intended entry is absolutely necessary. The circumstances under which entry is considered to be absolutely necessary are explained on the website of the Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community under the heading Coronavirus – FAQs and answers, and then under “Travel restrictions/border control”, see links above.

From 25 June 2021, entry to Germany is possible for persons from the Republic of Moldova who have been fully vaccinated against the Sars‑CoV‑2 coronavirus with one of the vaccines approved by the European Medicines Agency (EMA). Fully vaccinated persons are able to enter Germany for the purpose of visits and as tourists, as well as to apply for any necessary visas from the German Embassy in Chisinau. This applies only to persons who have been vaccinated with one of the vaccines listed on the website of the Paul‑Ehrlich‑Institute.

However, this does not apply to entry to Germany from countries that are classified as  areas of variant of concern. Entry to Germany from these areas continues to be prohibited.

Introduction of a general COVID proof obligation for entry to Germany:

Effective as of Sunday, August 1, 2021, 00:00 hrs. (CET), there is a general obligation to carry COVID documentation when entering Germany. Persons 12 years and older must have proof of a negative test result, proof of recovery from COVID-19, or proof of vaccination when entering Germany. The negative test result must be no older than 72 hours (PCR test) or 48 hours (rapid antigen test).

When entering from virus-variant areas, a negative test result must be submitted; proof of recovery or vaccination is insufficient in this case.

Începând de duminică, 01.08.2021, ora 0.00 CET, se introduce obligația generală de a avea asupra sa certificatul COVID la intrarea în Germania. Persoanele cu vârsta de la 12 ani în sus trebuie să dispună de dovadă de testare, dovadă de vindecare sau dovada vaccinării. Testul  negativ (PCR) trebuie să fie efectuat cu cel mult 72 de ore şi testul rapid antigen cu cel mult 48 de ore înaintea  intrării în ţară. Pentru intrarea din zone cu variante de coronavirus, se va  prezenta o dovadă de testare; în acest caz, nu este suficientă dovada de vindecare sau de vaccinare; se acceptă un test rapid antigen,  efectuat cu max. 24 ore sau un test PCR efectuat cu max. 72 de ore înainte de intrare.

Testing facilities exist in the Republic of Moldova at the following locations:

Alfa Diagnostica: Str. N. Testemitanu 21, 2025- Chişinău. Tel.: 022 82 4444, www.alfalab.md/en  

Invitro Diagnostics: Str. N. Testemitanu 19/1, 2025- Chişinău. Tel.: 022 903 999, www.invitro.md  

MedExpert Medical Center: Str. Gheorghe Asachi 42, 2028 Chişinău. Tel.: 022-811181, www.medexpert.md/ro

Synevo Moldova : Str. Nicolae Testemitanu, Nr. 37, 2025- Chişinău. Tel.:  22 856990 www.synevo.md

The test centers also offer testing facilities outside of Chisinau. Please contact the respective test center directly .

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